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Our Story



"At Royal Eagle Golf Company, we believe golf is for everybody. Our mission is to make this great sport accessible to all by offering affordable golf attire and accessories. We are committed to providing high-quality products that cater to golf enthusiasts of all levels, ensuring everyone can enjoy the game with style and comfort."


A decade removed from the fairways, we were eager to return, only to be greeted by exorbitant costs for everything from clubs to clothing. The golfing landscape seemed dominated by options that were either flashy and expensive or plain with a hefty brand markup.


Determined to break free from this mold, we embarked on a personal mission to revolutionize the golf apparel industry. Our vision was clear: to create high-quality, comfortable golf attire that matched the performance of leading brands but at a fraction of the cost. Royal Eagle Golf Company was founded with a commitment to providing affordable yet exceptional golf clothing that didn't compromise on style, functionality, or comfort. Welcome to a new era of golf. Welcome to the inclusive club.

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